In year's past, model making was sadly relegated to the realm of toy manufacturing by a largely uninformed audience. Thankfully, more recently, gifted artisans such as Michele Conti, Manuel Olive Sans, Gerald Wingrove, Marshall Buck, Sean McKenna, Javan Smith and others have elevated their creations to the level of fine art. Also, because of advanced computer controlled prototyping and streamlined assembly processes, highly detailed, larger scale models are now more affordable than ever. It is our goal to present our clients with a wide range of offerings, from custom designed one-off's, to hard to find pieces from limited editions which are no longer produced. If purchasing a classic Ferrari GTO is out of the question, (it certainly is for most of us) then a beautifully crafted scale version makes a great alternative. We are passionate about fine automobile and aviation models, and regard it a privilege to pass along these wonderful expressions of the modeler's art to collectors who share our enthusiasm.

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