Ferrari 156 Dino Formula One Sharknose 1961 by CMC 1:18 Scale


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Aeromobilia is delighted to present three, new-in-the-box Ferrari 156 F1 models by CMC, which certainly bear close examination. (For a historical description of the amazing Ferrari 156, please refer to our 1:12 scale Model Plus example further down the Home Page). While at first glance all three of the 156's appear identical aside from their racing numerals, nothing could be further from the truth. Each car is kitted out as it appeared in a specific race, and detail differences abound.

For example, the #4 car, which Phil Hill piloted to victory in the 18 June Belgian Grand Prix has screened carburator inlet covers, a special air vent inset into the windscreen and silver painted side mirrors, all being correct for the race. Compare it to Hill's #2 car which won the Italian Grand Prix of 10 September. While sharing the screened carb covers, the rest of the bodywork is different. Just ahead of the rear wheels, the sheet metal is cut away, revealing the engine and exhaust headers. The side vent just under the rollbar is larger, the windscreen base is vented, the dashboard top is 'tunneled' to accommodate the air vents, and the side mirrors are body-colored. Moving farther forward, the flip-open air vent forward of the windscreen is replaced with a riveted metal scoop, and an additional scoop appears just aft of the nose badge. 

The #3 car represents the second place finisher of Wolfgang von Trips at the German Grand Prix held on 6 August. This car resembles Hill's #2 car, but the engine side panels are now covered. The carb covers are plexiglass teardrops instead of wire screening, and the dashboard is minus the molded air ducting, although the windscreen venting remains. 

On all of these remarkable models, the coolant access cap and cowl vents open. The engine cover hinges to the rear, revealing an exquisitely plumbed and wired 6 cylinder Dino powerplant. The front clip can be removed by loosening two tiny screws, and here the hidden details emerge. Now visible is the 156's tube frame, stainless steel riveted oil tank, battery, coil-over shocks, A-arms, coolant reservoir, radiator, and coolant piping. The dashboard's back side is fully wired, and a tiny copper tube runs from the radiator to the coolant temperature gauge! Incredible!

As a side note, the driver's seat is wrapped in blue leather with a textured cloth insert. Years ago, if one were to commission such a detailed model, it would run into the thousands of dollars. CMC has created a high-water mark with these amazing 1:18 scale Ferraris, each composed of 1450 individual parts! The value versus cost of these models is remarkable.

When ordering, please indicate which race number car you wish to add to your collection.

Please note: Car #3 is the only version available. Thank you!

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