Alfa Romeo Type 33 Stradale by Premium Classixxs 1:12 Scale


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It can be readily argued that the 1960's were a high-water mark for sports car designs, the influence of which can be traced to the hypercars of today. One of the obscure but shining stars of this period was the 1967 Alfa Romeo Type 33 Stradale. Its achingly beautiful lines were penned by Franco Scaglione and built by Carrozzeria Marazzi, who exhibited a prototype at the 1967 Turin Motor Show.

The new car was a true sister of the Alfa Type 33 sports racer, using the same eight cylinder, twin plug, four overhead cam engine that could easily rev up to 10,000 rpm. Not your average 'stradale', or 'road car'! That, coupled with a factory racing six speed gearbox helped the Stradale ascend to supercar status immediately after its introduction.

The distinctive Campagnolo magnesium wheels are shared with the race cars, and the 0-60 time of 5.5 seconds was in league with supercars that followed a decade later. 

With a disputed total of only 18 examples ever built, the Type 33 Stradale is one of the most desirable Alfa's in existence;  confirmed by the eight-figure prices paid on the rare occasion one changes hands.

Premium Classixxs has produced our gorgeous example of the Stradale in an impressive 1:12 scale, utilizing the size well to adorn the model with an abundance of detail. The body panels are non-opening, but it is inconsequential in that the window openings are enormous, allowing easy visual access to the lavish cockpit. This is simply one of the very best production 1:12 scale interiors to date, with full instrumentation, delicate center console switchgear, bi-color pleated racing seats, bi-color dashboard, and lovely light beige carpeting. In person, it is stunning.

The T-33's powerplant is nicely represented by a mesh-enclosed velocity stack box nestled in behind the seats, while four exhaust tips and the Colotti transaxle peek out beneath the rear valence. 

The Campagnolo racing wheels are lovely, with tiny valve stems present, and one of the car's most distinctive features, the hot air brake ducts in the fenders are nicely replicated with precise, microscopic screening. The perspex headlight covers fit tightly and conform to the fender line perfectly. To complete the package, a tiny Alfa badge surmounts the heart-shaped grill at the nose. 

This exquisite model is limited to 500 examples worldwide, and is supplied with its factory box, packaging and accessories.

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