Shelby Cobra 427 SC In Fine Pewter by Franklin Mint 1:12 Scale


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The Shelby 427 Cobra has to be the most copied automobile shape in history. Replicas are manufactured which run the gamut from crude fiberglass tubs to meticulously hand-beaten aluminum panels, and everything in between.  It would be presumptuous to explain the significance of a car who's history is so well documented, so we'll go straight to the Franklin Mint model/sculpture.

Because of its 1:12 scale size, (about 13" long) this piece immediately impresses. Also, since it is constructed of fine pewter, the overall look is that of a Cobra in bare metal. Very cool! This piece straddles the model-sculpture divide because it is not hyper-detailed, yet there are delicate elements, like the photo etch lap belt hardware and the perspex wind wings up front. 

This is a semi-competition car, without bumpers but equipped with racing lift brackets fore and aft, racing fuel filler cap, drivers roll bar, correct reverse-mounted shift lever, and beautifully detailed Hallibrand wheels secured with 3-eared knockoffs. Remarkably, each of the ears is microscopically drilled to permit locking by wires. The Hallibrands are shod with real rubber tires which are stiff enough to prevent flat-spotting under the model's staggering weight; nearly 14 pounds!

The interior is nicely detailed with leather-covered racing buckets, twin Rebat batteries behind the passenger seat, bezeled gauges with etched faces, three spoke steering wheel and hand brake lever. The doors are functional, well fitted, and click closed with a magnetic catch. 

Moving forward, gently lift upward on a hood latch, and the fire-breathing Ford 427 hoves into view. Again, it is not hyper-detailed, but everything that needs to be there is included. It is all well presented, especially the boxed-in air cleaner. Look through the gaping radiator inlet and twin electric fans are in residence, along with the hoses and fittings for the oil cooler. Again, an interesting level of detail for a 'hybrid' model/sculpture.

This Franklin Mint Cobra is supplied with all its original accessories; COA and owners manual, white cotton gloves, blue velvet plush inner box, wooden plinth with plaque and outer factory box, all in near mint condition. This model was never displayed. We were able to obtain this piece very favorably, so we're passing along the savings to our clients. It is offered at a price that beats everything out there. Your Holidays could use a little sparkle!



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