Porsche Factory Meistertour Award Plaque 1989


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The Porsche factory has always placed great importance on its customer relationships, whether providing privateer racing teams with the latest technology and support, or making the individual purchasers of their road cars feel that they are valued members of an elite worldwide community. It is this close factory-client relationship that has created an enormous fan base for the Stuttgart company.

Aeromobilia is remarkably lucky to have discovered a very special glass and aluminum award plaque, presented to a participant in the 1989 Porsche factory-sponsored Stuttgart to Rothenburg tour. These week-long tours, coursing through the rolling German countryside, were a very successful method for engendering customer loyalty, as well as providing a sense of cameraderie for Porsche owners.

The award features a deeply etched glass plate, illustrating a 911 Carrera 4 in profile. The detail in the etching is astounding, and is literally microscopic. The etching work alone is a tour de force. Head and tail light lenses, front and rear wipers, engine bonnet venting, sunroof, wheel lugs, and tire lettering are all represented in exacting detail. 

One thing that is missing in the photographs is just how massive the award really is. The sloped aluminum base is two feet long and two inches tall, while the glass plate is twenty inches long. The plate is substantial, measuring 20 mm, or three quarters of an inch in thickness. We have included an image where our 1:43 scale Ferrari is dwarfed by the award. If the 911 Carrera 4 were three dimensional, it would be the equivalent of a 1:8 scale model! The Porsche factory believed the 1989 Stuttgart to Rothenburg tour important enough to publish a special book highlighting the event.

This plaque is a significant piece of Porsche history and is incredibly impressive, whether displayed on a shelf or table top. One need not own a Porsche to enjoy this award from one of the greatest names in motoring history.

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