Pewter Tribute To SCCA Sculptures by Franklin Mint


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In the late 1970's, the Franklin Mint commissioned well known sculptor Raymond Meyers to produce a series of pieces commemorating significant automobiles which competed in Sports Car Club Of America sanctioned events. Aeromobilia is fortunate to have three of the series on offer. They are beautifully executed in pewter, and are titled 'Into The Straight' (Maserati A6GCS), 'Taking The Curve' (MG/TC), and 'Weekend Sprint' (Corvette). These are surprisingly high quality pieces, with very crisp, sharp casting, and a remarkable level of detail.

The Maserati is depicted rushing past a pit crew member holding a stopwatch and timing board. Hay bales provide 'protection' in the event of an off-track excursion. The car's detailing is great, with vents, louvers, and wire wheels done to a very high standard.

The MG/TC with its smiling passengers is evocative of an early road rallye; the gentleman's scarf whips out behind him as he aims his car through a turn. Again, detail is surprising, with lovely wire wheels, visible suspension and folded windscreen. Even the tire tracks are visible on the 'soft' roadway!

And last, but certainly not least, the 1953-55 Corvette, in this case presented on a road course base with cones defining its edges. The racing numerals '217' are in raised relief on the door panels, the driver's hands grip the steering wheel and shift lever, and the cockpit features the correct instrument layout. Even the license plates are cast with 'Pennsylvania 1953'! The upper portion of windscreen frame looks to have been repaired at some point, as it is very delicate and prone to loss. 

These quaint sculptures measure between 6-7 inches, and are rather heavy, being of solid cast metal. All-in-all, they are very well done, and represent incredible value as a set.

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