Motor City 1:24 Scale Talbot Lago T150Css Group


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"Holy Grail" is not a term used lightly at Aeromobilia, but nothing could be more appropriate for this incredible group of 1:24 scale Talbot Lagos from Motor City USA. To obtain one of the three would be considered a minor coup, but to have one example of each model produced, all with original boxes and packing is nearly miraculous. For the serious enthusiast, regardless of scale preferences, these ultra-rare examples of the model maker's art should be at the heart of any significant collection.

Figoni and Falaschi originally fashioned only 16 of the T150C coupes, referred to generally as a 'Teardrop'. Because of their crowd-drawing styling, the T150's from the late 1930's have been favorites at major concours the world over.

Motor City USA produced an initial run of 300 models of the 1937 T150Css in maroon paintwork, followed by the 1997 Pebble Beach winning car in blue and silver in an edition of 250. Lastly, a black version of the 1937 car was offered in an edition of only 50 worldwide, and is obviously the most sought after.

At first glance, the models appear identical in form, but upon closer examination, the blue w/silver version has a multitude of detail variations. For example, a split rear window, painted metal dash with wood surround, different gauge cluster, blackwall tires, different roofline and trunk shape, removable sunroof panel, taillight shape, engine hood levers, side window shape minus quarter windows, truncated side body chrome trim, etc.

We won't go on about the attributes, quality level, and rarity of these models. If you're on this webpage, all that is probably familiar to you. To our knowledge, all three Motor City Talbots, in new, undisplayed condition, complete with factory packaging, have never before been offered as a group on the secondary market. This is an extraordinary opportunity to add some of the rarest, most sought after models in any scale to your collection. Please contact us with any additional questions you may have.

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