Ford GT 40 Business Card Holder From CMA

$93.00 $155.00

From 1966 through 1969 Ford dominated international sports car racing with their near-mythical GT 40's. The sleek racers incorporated the best of American brute horsepower with stylish and efficient European coachbuilding. 

Creative Miniature Associates of New York have long been fans of the GT 40, producing limited edition and custom built models for collectors the world over. Recently, they ventured into the production of automobile-inspired business card holders, of which the GT 40 engine is one.

Like the CMA Ferrari engine card holder, the GT 40 features a lovely bronze finish and is presented on a dark walnut base. Of particular note is the wonderful casting detail on the transaxle. This card holder can actually stand on its own as a small engine's that good! 

A perfect gift (or self-reward) for the Ford racing enthusiast, gearhead, or executive who desires to rev up his desk! We have a very limited inventory, so please act promptly.

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