Ferrari Engine Business Card Holder From CMA

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The Lampredi-designed 12 cylinder Ferrari 250 series engine is one of the most iconic powerplants in motorsports history. CMA Models, Inc. has invented a new twist on this classic theme with its limited edition 1:12 scale business card holder. Let's face it, it really is a bother having a full-size Ferrari 3 litre motor on your desk, so this offers a sensible alternative! 

The engine is beautifully sculpted in high relief, is mounted on a beveled wooden dark walnut-finished base, and features a real bronze finish applied over a cast substrate. Since it is a real bronze surface, it actually oxidizes in areas to form a verdigris patina, furthering the illusion that the piece is solid metal.

CMA is noted for its large-scale automobile sculptures using an identical surfacing process, which currently sell for thousands on the open market. If you wish to draw immediate attention to your business cards, whether on your desk, or at a show, why not feature them within this unique presentation? Just make sure your client doesn't abscond with the card holder as well!

Proudly created in the U.S.

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