1938 Mercedes Benz W125 Rekordwagen Sculpture


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It is ironic that as the storm clouds of war gathered over Europe in the late 1930's, automobile designers and manufacturers produced some of the most beautiful and exciting machines ever to grace road or track.

By the middle '30's, German giants Mercedes Benz and Auto Union were locked in a titanic struggle to determine who would dominate Grand Prix racing. As an offshoot of their racing programs, both manufacturers developed cars and engines designed to break the world speed record on land. 

The Mercedes W125 was an incredibly successful Grand Prix racer, powered by an inline eight cylinder engine producing around 595 horsepower. Keep in mind this was in 1937! When Mercedes engineers decided to pursue the world's record, the W125 platform was a logical place to start. Rudolph Caracciola, the 1937 Grand Prix champion driver for Mercedes was the natural choice to pilot the new car. 

In an effort to better the W125's performance, the eight cylinder engine was swapped for a V12 producing an amazing 736 horsepower, and a fluid, aerodynamic body was affixed to the W125 chassis. On january 28, 1938, Caracciola settled into the streamliner which sat on a new section of Autobahn, which was closed to traffic. The Mercedes performed admirably, hitting 268 mph over the flying kilometer, a record which stands to this day for a public road.

Our W125 streamliner sculpture is as impressive as it is lovely. The sculpture is quite large, measuring in at 28 inches overall. The aggressive, fluid shape of the Mercedes is captured beautifully, and the wheel well covers, side exhausts, hood venting and driver's access hatch are nicely delineated as well.

This is a real statement piece, at home in the model room, study, or above the fireplace. The sculpture's modern lines allow it to complement any decor, and without doubt, it will be noticed! This is a perfect piece for the Mercedes enthusiast, or for the collector of fine automobile art. The sculpture is quite heavy, at approximately 23 pounds, so special rates will apply to shipping, especially outside the United States. Please contact us directly to determine the rate for your country.

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