Boeing B-17F "Memphis Belle" Franklin Mint 1:96 Scale


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Arguably, the Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress 'Memphis Belle' is the most recognizable heavy bomber of World War II, with the possible exception of the atom bomb-dropping Enola Gay. The 'Belle was the subject of huge public attention, being the first U.S. bomber to complete an entire 25 mission tour of duty, returning her ten man crew safely home each time. Although never having been shot down, the 'Belle's story is still harrowing. She limped back from several sorties with at least one engine shut down from battle damage, and her tail was nearly shot off on another. Like all her B-17 siblings, the 'Belle could absorb a tremendous amount of punishment and remain in the air.

Franklin Mint has chosen to honor the Memphis Belle, her crew, and the countless members of the Army's Eighth Air Force by creating a 1/96 scale representation of the plane, packed with a myriad of features. The aircraft's landing gear fully retract, the props spin, and the twin 50 caliber machine guns elevate and traverse in the ball and top turrets. Lift off the 'flight deck' of the model, and a detailed cockpit and bomb bay are revealed. Down below, the bomb bay doors open and there is a load of heavy ordnance ready for delivery. One tiny bomb even has a microscopic message: 'Dear Hitler, you'll get a bang outta this!' The crew names are stenciled near their respective stations, and even the plane's terrier mascot 'Stuka' is represented. Perhaps most importantly, the Memphis Belle's pilot, Colonel Robert Morgan has autographed the starboard wing surface. This is just one of 1945 Morgan-signed B-17's and the edition is completely sold out. 

Our model is in new, undisplayed condition, and comes supplied with a special binder containing a certificate of authenticity, history pamphlet, and operating instructions. A metal and wood display stand is provided along with all original factory packing and boxes. Wing span is approximately 13" and length is around 10". This is a marvelous piece for the aviation and WWII collector.

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