Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta by Carlo Brianza 1:24 Scale NEW LOW PRICE


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"La Carrera Panamericana" rather rolls off the tongue, hinting at the exotic nature of this fabled Mexican road race. From its inception in 1950 to its demise in 1954, the 'Carrera' was widely held to be the most dangerous race anywhere on earth. 

The Ferrari factory was a bit late jumping into the fray, but by 1951 they had entered several cars in the six day race, and predictably the team from Maranello took the two top positions, which fell to drivers Piero Taruffi, and Alberto Ascari. By 1952 most of the major European sports car manufacturers were keenly aware of the Mexican race's notoriety, and Mercedes Benz capitalized on this by fielding a team of three 300 SL Gullwings. Ferrari's answer was the 340 Mexico, of which three were built. After a harrowing (and deadly) race, in which two of the three Ferraris dropped out, the remaining 340 secured a respectable third place behind the two 300 SL's.

Our 1:24 scale model, which replicates chassis #0224AT, driven by legendary Ferrari pilot and race team owner Luigi Chinetti, is one of a limited edition by the Italian master model builder Carlo Brianza. As evidenced by the two metal plaques affixed to the plexi base, this piece is 'factory built', and not assembled by an individual from a kit. Brianza scores highly with an abundance of fine detail which includes real leather hood straps, a fine perspex bug deflector, super-delicate side chrome accent strips, etched headlamp lenses, and perhaps most importantly, accurate, delicate, free standing side air scoops which mimic the originals perfectly. And let's not forget the beautiful and complex decal work! 

This rare and iconic Ferrari, with its outlandishly long hood and widely flared fenders represents a marvelous period in purpose-built sports cars that will never be repeated. Why not reward yourself with a small slice of that history? Model is approximately 6 3/4 inches overall, with a covered display case length of 9 1/2 inches. Super-rare with only one example available.

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