Ferrari 250 GTO MG Models 1:24 Scale


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"Grand Tourismo Omologato". How does one describe a legend? Every element of design, style, performance and capability embodied in one iconic form. Any doubts regarding the Ferrari GTO's status in the sports car pantheon should be dispelled by the recent private sale of one of the 39 examples built for a reported $52 million. To elaborate on the GTO's history and significance would literally fill volumes, so we'll move right into the specifics of our very special 1:24 scale model.

From a limited edition of only one hundred pieces worldwide, MG Models of Italy has created a lovely interpretation of the most coveted of all Ferraris. This 'Stradale" or 'Road' version has beautiful paintwork, open body vents throughout, delicate photo etch hood pins and finely detailed perspex and metal hood scoops. The windshield wipers are multi-piece, three dimensional units and the brightwork/ chrome trim is exceptionally well done. The interior hosts a fine array of gauges, switchgear, gated shift lever and drilled pedal assemblies. The engine bay, with its self-supporting bonnet is great. The dozen Weber carb inlet trumpets march down the intake manifold, while the engine itself sports dual distributors, oil fillers, belted ancillaries, steering box and even a water bag with clear tubing! The Borrani wire wheels are superb, featuring differing widths for front and rear, as well as correct three-eared knockoffs. The exhaust tips are of the SNAP variety, and all of the car's runnning lights are embellished with chrome surrounds. Make no mistake, this is a model that really delivers and will not disappoint. It is #18 in a series of 100. We also have a sister car in silver (photos will be posted soon) for enthusiasts interested in something more unusual. Incredible value for the price.

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