Porsche 934 RSR 1976 from Exoto 1:18 Scale


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Here at Aeromobilia, we don't often get too excited about mass-produced die-cast models, but the 1:18 scale Porsche 934 RSR from Exoto's "Racing Legends" collection has created something of a stir.

In 1976, Porsche racing engineers were looking to replace their outmoded Carrera RSR. They took the body shell, rear spoiler, and engine block from the road-going 930 Turbo, and discarded everything else. 16 inch BBS center lock wheels required even larger fender flares, brakes were requisitioned from the championship winning 917, and an aluminum roll cage surrounded the stripped out cabin. A thorough engine massage and adoption of a KKK turbocharger bumped horsepower up to the 485 region. But because the turbo 'lagged' during acceleration, the cars were a real handful, particularly in the corners. Top track speeds were an honest 190 mph.

The cars competed at all the major European and American races, and were the very last racing cars from any manufacturer to have been fully homologated with 400 units produced, and were 'street legal'. They were extremely successful in the hands of factory supported privateer teams, overwhelming competitors such as the intimidating Ferrari 512 BB LM's.

If you are a model collector who appreciates fit, finish, and above all painstaking detail, Exoto's Jagermeister-liveried 934 is well worth consideration. The bright orange paintwork is flawless, and the panel fit on the opening bonnet, doors, and engine cover is super tight with beautiful, even seam lines. The fender flares are particularly well executed, with precise lines that replicate the fender beading, and include minute, photo etched rivet heads.

The gold painted BBS basket weave wheels are faithful to the original, and wherever there are vents in the bodywork, they are covered with open screening instead of closed painted plastic bits. The level of fidelity to the original and incorporation of fine detail is remarkable, equal to many more expensive models we've seen in 1:12 scale and larger. Just look at the oh so thin side window frames when the doors are open. A real achievement. Again, from the turbo plumbing slung below the engine bay to the equipment-loaded front boot, this model exudes quality.

The 934 RSR has been retired for several years now, and is valued on the Exoto website at $1200.00. Optimistic? Yes, but some examples have sold recently on the secondary market for half that valuation. Ours is serial number A3002, and is in new, never displayed condition. It is supplied with inner and outer factory boxes, as well as all paperwork and original packaging.

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