Honda RA272 1965 Tamiya 1:12 Scale Factory Built


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Do you ever miss the days in Formula One racing where the cars weren't plastered with sponsor decals, were painted in the country of origin's colors, and were assembled by small teams of dedicated engineers and mechanics? Do you recall when the bodywork wasn't sprouting wings and spoilers from every square inch, the engines growled along at just over 10,000 rpm, and the drivers lived by their wits, skill and gobs of luck?

Tamiya has produced just such a vehicle with their Honda RA272, from the 1965 Formula One season; in fact the first Japanese car to ever win a Grand Prix (Mexico). As expected, Tamiya delivers wonderful detail, particularly with the engine componentry. The one and a half litre V12 48 valve powerplant features a great looking double row of inlet trumpets, clear fuel delivery hoses, and accurately cast ancillaries. The suspension is very delicately rendered, while the shocks are equipped with impressive wound coil springs. Brake systems, universal joints, and exhaust headers are also very well done. Because of the model's relatively large size (approx. 14") even the tiniest details are clearly readable, such as the word "Honda" on the steering wheel button. All in all, a great display piece that is increasingly hard to find. Complete with all factory packaging, tools, and manual.

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