Ford GT40 Mk IV Le Mans 1967 GMP 1:12 Scale


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In the past century of motor racing, there is a very long list of 'might-have-beens'. Such is the case with Ford GT40 Mk IV chassis #J7, which contested the 24 hour Le Mans race in 1967. Four Mk IV's were fielded that day, only two of which finished, with car #1 (chassis J5) winning outright at the hands of Dan Gurney and A.J. Foyt.

Famed American driver Mario Andretti, teamed with Belgian pilot Lucien Bianchi, were given car #3 (chassis J7) and placed third on the starting grid. Much to his chagrin, Andretti did not start the race but took over from Bianchi after the car was already doing well. Andretti managed to attain second place overall then handed the reins back to Bianchi, who later pitted to have the brake pads replaced. Andretti again took over, and shot back onto the track. Unfortunately, a mechanic installed the pads  backwards, and when Andretti braked for the Esses, the car's front end locked up, and it careened into the right hand embankment, then spun across the track and disintegrated. The GT40's strengthened rollcage is credited with saving Andretti's life, but he suffered three broken ribs. The car obviously never raced again, but in time was meticulously restored and now resides in the Shelby American Collection in Boulder, Colorado.

Our GMP version of chassis J7 is in new, undisplayed condition and is supplied with all original factory boxes, manuals, and accessories. The model is essentially identical to GMP's rendering of chassis J5, so please refer to our previously sold example of that car for detailed images of the chassis, engine, etc. Chassis J7 differs in that there is no 'Gurney Bump' on the driver's door, the tire stripes are yellow, and there are small vents just above the door release handles.

Also, in the interest of full disclosure, there is a subtle, barely visible crazing, or shallow crackle pattern in certain sections of the clear coat. We have seen other new examples of this model which have the same anomaly. Clearly, it is something that occurred at the factory during finishing, and does not affect the paint beneath. It is hardly noticeable, but even though the model is NIB, we consider it less than perfect, and are offering it at a 35% savings over the previously sold example of the winning car. This is one of only 252 pieces worldwide. Please take the opportunity to own a great model at a great price!

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