Ford GT40 Mk IV Le Mans 1967 GMP 1:12 Scale


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Their fellow professionals had written them off. The pundits predicted miserable failure. Nagging doubts began to creep into their own thoughts. The results of the 1967 Le Mans race for Ford and its American drivers Dan Gurney and A.J. Foyt were anything but certain. The preceding year saw Ford crush its competition at Le Mans with a 1-2-3 victory achieved by the Series II GT 40's. 1967 brought a completely redesigned car, the Mk IV, which retained the 7.0 litre engine from the Mk II, and featured an entirely new chassis, roll cage, and aerodynamic body. The extra protection offered by the roll cage unfortunately offset the weight advantage of aluminum body structures, and the Ford car outweighed the sleek new Ferrari 330 P4 by several hundred pounds. Foyt and Gurney compensated for the additional brake wear by literally coasting into tight corners, thus increasing lap times, leading observers to believe the car to be hopelessly outclassed. On race day, by conserving their equipment, Gurney and Foyt brought the Mk IV home to victory, while making history in the process. This was, and still remains the only all-American Le Mans win; team, drivers, chassis, engine and tires all of U.S. origin.

It is only fitting that an American scale model company, GMP, elected to create a 1:12 scale masterpiece of the GT 40 Mk IV. For the Ford racing or Le Mans enthusiast, you couldn't ask for a better end product. The gorgeous 1967 body is sculpted from die-cast metal, featuring opening  panels and removable wheels. Even the most jaded fanatic will be satisfied with the level of detail throughout. It is absolutely remarkable. As complex as the suspension is, it actually works, and the brake air ducting flexes with the wheel travel. Electrical wiring and coolant hoses are beautifully rendered, while high pressure fittings are of the A/N variety, again superbly modeled. Body panel fit is extremely tight, and the paint and decal work is perfect. This long out of production piece is in new, undisplayed condition, with complete accessories, instruction book, tools, and inner and outer factory boxes. Only one example in inventory. A real standout in any serious collection!

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