Ferrari 330 LMB 1963 BBR 1:43 Scale


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When we look back at the years 1962-63 in Ferrari history, they are dominated by the advent and evolution of the 250 GTO, a car which has attained mythic status today. It was a turbulent time when Ferrari was experimenting with mid and rear engined prototypes while simultaneously massaging every ounce of performance from the older, but time-tested front engined machines. Even as the GTO's were making their presence felt, a rules change in the sports car class stimulated even more experimentation.

The new regulations allowed for up to four litre displacement, so Ferrari utilized the engine from its then current 400 Superamerica, and commissioned stylists at Pininfarina to design a complimentary body. Artfully combining the nose section from the GTO with an 'A' pillar-rearward adaptation of the 250GT Lusso, the designers 'Frankensteined' a remarkably beautiful car together. GTO-style vents were added to the rear quarter panels, and above the rear wheel arches cutouts were added to accommodate larger tires, a feature that appeared a decade earlier on the 250MM's.

Famed driver Mike Parkes had a hand in the car's design, and he piloted the first 330 LMB test car to a track record of 300 km/hr (or 187 mph) at LeMans, besting even the new rear-engined prototypes. Four of the cars were eventually built, and one additional body was used on a 250 GTO. While overshadowed by the GTO's, the 330 LMB's earned their place in the Ferrari pantheon with outstanding performance and Hollywood looks.

Our 1:43 scale BBR 330 LMB is executed as a 'road car', without its racing numerals or roundels. Some would argue that it allows the viewer to appreciate the remarkable body shapes without distraction. The BBR piece is surprisingly well detailed, with excellent paint work, crisp body panel venting, minute hood straps and securing latches, super fine photo etch window trim and recessed door handles. The interior boasts simulated blue leather bucket seats, a gated shift lever, full instrumentation, a thin 'wood rim' steering wheel, a full pedal set, and door latches and window cranks. All in all, an outstanding 43rd scale piece at a very reasonable price. Model is supplied with factory base and original packaging.

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