McLaren M8B & M8D Set GMP 1:18 Scale


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Question...what has more trumpets than a 1940's jazz band, and feels like a minor earthquake as it passes? If you guessed one of the M8 series of Can Am cars from McLaren, you would be correct!

Around fifteen years ago, GMP produced a series of M8B (low wing) and M8D racers in 1:18 scale in numbered editions of 2000 examples each. At first glance, there are many similarities, but numerous detail differences appear under closer scrutiny. The bodies are actually shaped differently, with the M8D being wider and slightly more curvaceous. The M8D sports wider rear wheels and tires, a different transmission setup, and transmission cooler location.

Each model features excellent paint work, a lift-off rear clip, poseable front wheels, highly detailed cockpit and engine bay, as well as opening cockpit doors. Tiny metal rods which link the rollbar assemblies to the wing struts on both cars were omitted in the photographs as they remain in their factory sealed packaging. The detail is terrific in both models, exemplified by clear fuel injection feed tubes, and tiny butterflies located far down in the inlet trumpets.

The McLarens are sold as a pair, and are new in the box. They represent incredible value for the dollar, and are offered at $100.00 less than their original retail price.

Now, wouldn't a little earthquake liven things up in your collection?

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