Porsche 917LH 1971 AutoArt 1:18 Scale


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In the late '60's and early '70's, Porsche was heavily involved (as they remain to this day) in long-distance racing. Aerodynamic research and testing was integral to the  development of the cars, and Porsche was breaking new ground in the field. Their 917K, with its truncated deck lid was very stable, but gave up a bit of top end speed in favor of predictability. The later 917LH featured long, flowing body work which partially covered the rear wheels. In this 'long tail' configuration, the 917 was capable of nearly 250 MPH, urged along by its flat 12 cylinder 4.9 litre normally aspirated engine. AutoArt has modeled car #17, piloted by Jo Siffert and Derek Bell, which retired in hour 18 of the 1971 race with a broken crankcase. As with their 917K (McQueen), AutoArt has upheld the excellent fit and finish of the earlier version, and has actually upped the ante a bit. Cockpit detail is impressive, with wiring, switchgear and instruments carefully delineated. The removable boot lid reveals tubular frame detail, as well as the brake fluid reservoirs and brake ducting. The entire rear clamshell hinges up to reveal the engine and framework, supported by a nifty, hinged rod. We chose to leave the factory wire ties in place to guarantee originality. This AutoArt piece is a very competent rendering of a historically important Porsche racer, and would make a perfect compliment to one of our AutoArt 917K's. In pristine, undisplayed condition.
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