Talbot Lago T-150ss Coupe by Motor City 1:24 Scale


Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Occasionally, here at Aeromobilia, the planets align, Lady Luck makes a guest appearance, and something totally unexpected arrives on our doorstep. Some time ago, we sold a remarkable and incredibly rare set of three Motor City 1:24 scale Talbot Lago T-150's to a very lucky collector in California. We never expected to find another similar group, and sadly we haven't, but....one of the lovely maroon teardrop coupes did appear, and we proudly present it here. For the full description of this ultra-rare model, please go to the 'Talbot Lago T-150ss Group' listed on page 2 in the website's 'Models' section.

Suffice it to say that the maroon example is identical to the one in the previously sold group, and is in perfect condition. It's easy to forget just how gorgeous these models really are, how very rare, and what high standards they achieved in fit and finish. The model manufacturer CMC has recently released a series of Talbot Teardrop Coupes, but while quite good in most respects, they will be produced in an unlimited edition, meaning thousands of examples built. The Motor City piece was constructed in a run of only 300, thus placing it in a much more rarified position regarding collectibility. 

Ours is number 22 in the edition, and is supplied with the original factory box and fitted-foam inserts. Amazing!

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