Siata 208S Spider 1953-55 By CMA Models Inc 1:43 Scale


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As one can see from even a quick perusal of the Aeromobilia website, we tend to concentrate on models that are 1:24 scale and larger. Occasionally however, a real gem crosses our desk in a smaller scale, and this is precisely one of those rarities.

Nine years ago, Marshall Buck of CMA Models Inc. embarked on a program of limited production 1:43 scale pieces under the 'Black Horse Model Collection' moniker. The first car in the series was the 1953 Siata 208S Spider, built in five distinct liveries; four road machines, and one Carrera Panamericana racer.

Only 35 of the original full-size cars were ever produced between 1953-55, and are highly coveted by collectors of great Italian sportscars.

Our beautiful yellow example of the 'Black Horse' Siata is #09 in a worldwide edition of only 50 pieces in the yellow color scheme. While only 1:43 scale, the 208S packs in the kind of detail usually found in larger models, particularly those produced by CMA. The list is too long to delineate here, but items of note are the lovely interior, with chrome gauge bezels, a delicate four-spoke steering wheel, braided door pulls and leather pull straps, and a folded convertible top with red top irons. The seats have triple ventilation slots which are open through to the seat backs, just like the real car, while a heater box and pedal set are nestled below the dashboard.

The simple and elegant body lines of the Spider are shown to good effect, while just the right amount of photo etch parts complete the presentation. Of particular interest are the Ferrari-like eggcrate grille, the oh-so tiny windscreen wipers and a microscopic 'Two Liter' script on the rear deck.

The Siata 208S is a car who's design is deceptively simple, but one incorrectly rendered line or curve in this model would instantly ruin the effect. Thankfully, Marshall Buck and CMA Models haven't missed a beat with this one.

The Siata is accompanied by a plexiglass cover, certificate of authenticity, and bespoke foam-lined box. Simply gorgeous!

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