Porsche 956 1983 Le Mans Andretti 1:18 Scale by Minichamps


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Sometimes, you just can't argue with success. Any car that can pull off victories at Le Mans in 1982-83-84-85 really can't be all that shabby. In fact, shabby doesn't enter into the equation at all. The Porsche 956 is firmly ensconced in motor racing history as one of the most significant creations ever to emerge from the Stuttgart factory.

The 956 was the first Porsche racer to incorporate an all-aluminum monococque chassis, providing over 80% more stiffness than its predecessor, allowing cornering at previously unimagined speeds. The flat-6 2.65 litre turbocharged engine hurled the car to an over 225 mph top speed when the bodywork featured a 'low-drag' wing, as at Le Mans.

The 1:18 scale 956 on offer here represents the Kremer Racing entered car, which finished third at Le Mans in 1983, piloted by Mario and Michael Andretti, as well as Philippe Alliot. Manufactured my Minichamps, the model features a lift-off rear deck with very nice engine detail, opening clamshell-style doors, and workable steering. For a mass-produced model, detail is great, especially in the cockpit and with the body's extensive decal work. It is all tidy, crisp and clean, and quite faithful to the original car. 

The model represents enormous value for the money, nicely portraying a car that dominated global motorsport for nearly a decade. The model is in perfect condition, but is no longer accompanied by its original box.

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