Maserati 5000 GT 1960 & A6G 2000 1952 1:43 Scale By Tecnomodel


These two marvelous vintage Maseratis have made appearances at the finest concours fields around the globe. Although separated by eight years, each car represents the height of custom coachbuilding for their respective eras.

The 5000 GT model, clad with a unique Carrozzeria Touring body is stunning in its cyan-blue micro metallic paint work. The detail is excellent, with quality levels equal to the best that BBR produced during the same period. Photo etch grille, window surrounds and taillight bezels are superb. Very accurate aluminum wheels with chromed center caps grace all four corners. The parchment interior is well suited to the body color, and the model's proportions are just right.

The A6G 2000 is a lovely combination of a metallic grey exterior with a stunning orange-red interior. Again, photo etch work is excellent with 'Maserati 2000 A6G Gran Sport' text appearing on both front wings as well as the trunk lid. The headlights and driving lights have etched patterns, and the taillights are tiny red and amber jewels. The cockpit is well defined, with three piece steering wheel, oval rear view mirror, and dashboard all rendered well. There is even a three piece pedal set with the Maserati trident etched into each pedal pad! Amazing!

Both models are absolutely mint, and a supplied with their original plastic dust covers, factory plastic inner bags and outer boxes. These Maseratis are sold as a pair, and are an incredible value for such great little models. 

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