Ferrari 250LM 1964 ABC Brianza 1:14 Scale


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 When it came to accepting innovative technology, Enzo Ferrari was a very cautious man. His design approach was most often evolutionary, not revolutionary. In the late '50s and early '60s, race car features such as disc brakes, monococque chassis, and rear-mounted engines were slow in coming to Maranello. Most often, the incorporation of radical new technology occurred only after a competitor was proven successful using it.

In 1963, the same year Ferrari was enjoying racing triumphs with its front-engined twelve cylinder 250 GTO, the factory introduced the mid-engined 250P, which won LeMans, Sebring, and the Nurburgring. The FIA had specified that to compete in sports car classes each model had to be homologated (100 units built) in order to qualify. The 250 GTO's squeaked past the rules with the factory intending to make 100 cars, but falling far short of that number. By the time Ferrari fielded the Series 2 GTO's, of which there were just four, the FIA was getting wiser, and when the mid-engined 250LM was introduced in 1963 as a direct development of the GTO, the governing body put their foot down. The 'LM would be forced to compete as a prototype.

Regardless, the new car was a power to be reckoned with, and was made available to Ferrari clients who wished to race as privateers. In 1965, the 250LM took an overall win at LeMans, racing under the banner of Luigi Chinetti's North American Racing Team. Although this was perhaps the 'LMs most famous victory, the car was extremely competitive at race tracks the world over. Arguably, the 250LM is one of Ferrari's most classic designs, combining raw power with a remarkably curvaceous body. 

Carlo Brianza, the famous icon of Italian model building began his series of large-scale 1:14 Ferrari's in the second half of the 1980's. The 250LM was the seventh in the series, and by that time, most of the bugs had been worked out of the casting and finishing process for large-scale resin models.

This ascendant quality level is evident in our 250LM, which was the 14th model produced in the line. The paint work is outstanding, and the opening doors, boot and bonnet are free from warpage and fit beautifully with tight seam lines. The interior, while spartan, includes all the proper instruments and switchgear, and the right-hand driving position indicates this was a car intended for competition. 

Lifting the rear bonnet reveals the 3.3 litre, 320 hp V-12 engine, equipped with twin coils, twin fuel tanks, exposed tube frame and spare wheel. The bonnet and front boot are supported by built-in hinged rods. This is one model that can easily displayed with everything opened up.

The 250LM is supplied with its original factory wooden base and accompanying data plate. The lucite dust cover is not available. ABC Brianza is still producing their 1:14 250LM's in very limited numbers, but be prepared to spend 2,500.00 Euros to obtain one. Ours is a 'time capsule' version of this highly desirable piece, and will satisfy the most ardent collector of Ferrari models.



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