Alfa Romeo BAT 5 & BAT 7 1:43 Scale SMTS & Bizarre


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Long before Cadillacs sported outrageous jet age fins, Alfa Romeo produced three prototypes that took fins to a whole new level. Alfa commissioned the noted Italian styling house of Bertone to develop an experimental car to measure streamlining as it affected performance. The 1953 'Berlinetta Aerodynamica Tecnica', or B.A.T 5 was the result, with a BAT 7 and BAT 9 appearing in the following two years. All three of these incredible cars still exist, and it is a rare treat to experience them displayed together.

Here we have 1:43 scale examples of the BAT 5 and BAT 7 produced in resin by Bizarre, and white metal by SMTS respectively. Each is an excellent representation of the original car, with accurate body lines and good detail. Offered as a pair, they embody excellent value, as the price is lower than the individual model's sold separately. Both models are supplied with plastic dust covers and original factory packaging.

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