Offenhauser Engine GMP 1:6 Scale


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One of the longest-lived American racing engines is without doubt the straight 4 Offenhauser. In racing trim, this compact elegant engine would develop over 400 horsepower from a 251.92 cubic inch displacement. Its strength and reliability allowed it to dominate American dirt tracks to the Indianapolis 500, winning this prestigious race a staggering 27 times. As a testament to this amazing engine's adaptability, it was competitive from 1933 until gracefully retiring in 1982.

The now-closed diecast firm GMP produced a series of 1:6 scale engines from 2002 to 2010, of which the Offenhauser was the first. For a fledgling effort, the results were superb. Detail is accurate and crisp, and although the myriad fasteners are cast in, they remain very convincing. The metal finishes are excellent with enough variation in surface and texture to satisfy the most particular collector.

The inlet trumpets are machined, and their flexible rubber mounts and securing clamps are ultra-realistic. Where the transmission would normally mount, the long bolts are visible, and they are actually threaded! The Offenhauser rests on a bespoke engine stand which is affixed to a brick surface base; completely appropriate for a 1930's icon! The model is supplied with a plastic cover, but without the original packaging. It is perfect in every way, and an outstanding value.

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