Ferrari 250 GTO 1:24 Scale Mitho Mania Last One!

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Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Some time ago, Aeromobilia had on offer a 'sister' model, in red, to the example pictured here. It now resides in a private collection in Mexico. Please click on the 'Models' icon above, scroll to page 2, where the model appears.

This silver version of the iconic Ferrari racer is identical to its red stable mate in every regard. Flawless paint work, an abundance of photo etch detail and a marvelous engine bay grace both models. The interior sports full instrument detail, a gated shift lever, faux wood-rimmed steering wheel, fuel tank inlet tube, and cockpit bracing struts.

The aforementioned engine bay is a delight. Most prominent are the turned-metal inlet trumpets that surmount a half dozen dual throat Weber carburetors. Something noteworthy is the way they are symmetrically assembled, lending much more realism to the engine. Also of note are the twin coils and plug wires, battery with cables, oil filter, photo etched radiator, and exhaust headers. The level of detail is something unexpected in a non-custom built model in this price range.

The window 'glass' is clear and bright, while the body vents are real openings, not painted-in shallow depressions. There are other pleasant surprises as well. Delicate photo etch racing jack points are hung below the body work front and rear, and the exhaust pipes and silencers run beneath the rocker panels. The tail lights are jewel-like and even the license plate lights are represented.

This silver GTO is #8 in a worldwide edition of only 100, now long sold out. It is in as-new condition, and is supplied with a black beveled plastic base and clear dust cover.

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