Jaguar D Type 1955 Le Mans Winner Historic Replicars 1:24 Scale

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In today's world, where scale model creation has moved almost entirely to factories in Asia, so-called 'limited editions' can run into the thousands of units. In the 1980's, during the Golden Age of model building, design, construction, and finishing were undertaken entirely by individuals or small shops in Europe and the U.S., where 'hands on' was the order of the day. At that time, the model world was dominated by 1:43rd scale, as anything larger and more complex carried a much higher price tag. 

One of the pioneers of the shift to larger scales was a British builder named John Haynes, already widely appreciated for his company's (Historic Replicars) offerings in 1:43rd. As scale increases, so does the opportunity for adding fine and accurate detail. Remember that the medium of choice for many builders of that time was white metal, and our Historic Replicars 1955 Jaguar D Type is fabricated from that material, imparting a real weightiness to the model.

We won't elaborate on the D Type's storied history; others have done so far more extensively and fully than we can, but let's concentrate on the unusual model presented here. The larger 1:24 scale represents the Jag's swoopy body shape very well, and some of the finer details like vents and rivet heads are accurately incorporated. The scale also allows the Jaguar marque emblems to be proportionally correct and readable. The cockpit, by today's standards, is a bit sparse, but the lovely photo-etch steering wheel with graduated lightening holes makes up for a lot, along with the all-metal shift and hand brake levers.

The wrap-around windscreen has yellowed very slightly from age, but does not detract from the overall appeal of the piece. The paint work and decals are excellent, and there are no missing parts or damage to the model whatsoever. Affixed to the perspex base is a plaque which reads, 'Historic Replicars, Jaguar D Type, 1955 Le Mans Winner, Driven by Mike Hawthorn and Ivor Bueb.' The edition number, written in permanent marker, is 141 out of 250.

Are there more detailed models of the D Type available today? Of course, but this model is a time-capsule piece that was created by hand in small numbers by a craftsman in England, sadly no longer with us, and perfectly represents model building's Golden Age. This is a perfect piece to round out the collection of the model connoisseur. 


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