Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, by B&G Models for ABC 50th Anniversary 1:24 Scale


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It is doubtful that as he penned the lines for the 1935 Type 57 'Aerolithe' concept car, Jean Bugatti had any inkling that what he was creating would eventually ascend to the stratosphere of automobile design, becoming the envy of collectors the world over.

Being constructed of magnesium alloy, the Aerolithe's skin was impractical for use on production cars since it could not be welded, and was frighteningly flammable. The solution was to utilize an aluminum alloy for the Aerolithe's successors, the remarkable 'Atlantics', of which only four examples were built. (Three exist today, residing in the world's most elite automobile collections) Anyone familiar with cars from the 1930's needs no introduction to the Bugatti Atlantic, so we'll get right to describing our lovely tribute to the car in 1:24 scale.

Why, you might ask, would a Bugatti Atlantic in 24th scale be of interest in a field already overpopulated with offerings from CMC, Minichamps, AutoArt, Neo, Ilario, and others? The Atlantics have been nearly as 'overmodeled' as the Ferrari 250 GTO's. Produced in batches of thousands, the above mentioned 1:18 scale Atlantics are commonplace, available in quantity on any given day.

Our Atlantic, representing chassis #57591, as restored by Paul Russel & Co. for Ralph Lauren, is #19 in a worldwide edition of only 100 pieces, all long sold out. It was produced in 2010 by noted model maker Vladimir Pivtorak, head of EMC in the Ukraine, for B&G Models of the USA who initiated the project. It was intended to commemorate the American Bugatti Club's fiftieth anniversary, evidenced by the ABC blue cloisonne badge affixed to the model's cherry wood base.

The B&G Atlantic has been described as the most accurate rendering of this iconic automobile produced to date, and a close examination tends to bear this out. The detail is remarkable, and nickle-plated brass is liberally used to replicate chrome plating, shunning photo-etch or white metal. The interior is gorgeous and complete with all gauges and switchgear faithfully reproduced. The steering wheel alone is a jewel! There are even tinted anti-glare visors tucked above the windscreen.

Although the model is 'curbside', i.e. nothing opens, the engine is visible behind the bonnet grilles. The Type 57SC bundle of six exhaust tips are beautifully reproduced, as are the myriad of rivet heads which flank each body panel seam, or 'fin'. 

The model's base includes the aforementioned ABC badge, as well as two engraved brass plaques, one in the form of a Bugatti data plate, while the other provides construction and historical information. The model is supplied with its original acrylic dust cover, and is in perfect/new condition.

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