Ferrari 375 Plus BBR 1954 1:18 Scale SPECIAL OFFER


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 The Ferrari 375 series of engines and chassis have formed the foundation for a myriad of sports and racing cars from the iconic Maranello firm. Several years ago, the Italian model manufacturer BBR leapt into the larger 1:18 scale fray with the introduction of their 1954 Ferrari 375 Plus, in both road and race trim.

It is, quite simply, impressive, with a high parts count, flawless paint, and a serious level of detail. This model is a standout, and compares quite favorably with anything produced today. 

Our version of the competition car is the LeMans winner from 1954, which finished a full lap ahead of the second place Jaguar D Type! It differs from the road car in a number of significant ways and shows that BBR did its homework. The inclusion of an electric radiator fan however, reveals that this piece was modeled after a restored car. Is it a deal breaker? Absolutely not! It can easily be brushed aside given the overall quality of the piece.

These models are becoming increasingly scarce, so don't miss an opportunity to put a legend on your shelf!

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