Shelby Cobra USRRC Ken Miles GMP 1:12 Scale


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The world of motor racing changed forever the day Carroll Shelby decided to shoehorn a large-displacement Ford V8 engine into the diminutive yet elegant body of a British AC Bristol /Ace sports car. Following a furious development program, the new Shelby 'Cobra' would set the competition on its ear, from the major European tracks, to local SCCA events in the U.S. Legendary Shelby team driver and engineer Ken Miles massaged and tweaked his personal 289 Cobra to the limits of its potential, paving the way for the ground-shaking Series II 427 Cobras which followed.

GMP has produced an incredible tribute in 1:12 scale to the Miles Cobra, and the list of superlatives is extensive. Once again, the large dimensions of the model (13+") allow for exquisite detailing, and we'll try to bring attention to just a few highlights. First, the paint and decal work is flawless, the crisp Halibrand wheels are shod with real rubber tires that have just the right amount of 'squish' when the weight of the all-metal body is applied. All the minutiae are beautifully delineated, from the tiny flexible shock cord which secures the opening trunk, to the flip-open fuel filler. The 22 individual tonneau cover studs incorporate tapering diameter tips (just like the real ones). A cloth racing harness is attached to the driver's seat, but the passenger seat does without; another historically correct detail. The racing buckets are padded and stitched, the gear lever is spring-loaded and can be shifted, and the shift pattern is legible on the top of the knob. All of the instruments are glazed and surrounded with chrome bezels as is the shift boot. Turn the functional hood locks inward and the engine lid can be lifted and secured with a built-in rod. The 289 Cobra motor is the final iteration of the type, incorporating four dual-throat Weber carbs, and is fully plumbed and wired. Hose clamps, linkages, and catch tanks are all there. Even the battery has the correct 'Autolite' lettering. 

It's all really first rate. Spin the three-eared knockoffs, pull the wheels, and the brake and suspension bits are all there. Flip the car over, and notice the brake lines, pressure regulator, transmission fluid lines, and drivetrain. It's too bad one can't view both the top and underside of this model simultaneously! GMP has completely knocked it out of the park with this piece. Long out of production, ours is one of only 750 worldwide. New, with all factory packaging, instructions and accessories. Very attractively offered at a price well below dealers in Europe and the Far East. If you are going to limit yourself to just one outstanding model of a Cobra, this really should be it!

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