Bugatti Atlantic and Ferrari 375 Engine Super Kits 1:12 Scale Rare!


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There is perhaps no more recognizable shape in the classic car world than the 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic. It is arguably the supreme embodiment of pre-war Art Deco design influence on motoring. Currently, as if to validate the two remaining Atlantic's rarity and value, they are each estimated to bring north of $40 million U.S. should they ever be sold.

Recently, the model world has exploded with offerings of the Atlantics in scales ranging from 1:43 to 1:18, encompassing most of the paint schemes both cars have worn during their long lifetimes. One notable exception has been offerings in larger scales, which is why our 1:12 scale Christian Gouel super kit of the Atlantic is so sought after. The kit represents the car as it originally appeared in 1938, before current owner Ralph Lauren made subtle changes to the body work during restoration. 

This kit is complex, and definitely not for the amateur model builder. It is too nice, and too rare (only 60 kits and factory built pieces have been produced) to entrust to modelers with limited experience. The kit contains a multitude of detail parts, photo-etched metal sheets, leather, rubber, and wood, to effectively recreate this automotive masterpiece.

All parts are in their original factory-sealed bags and are unopened. This model is supplied with all components, original boxes, and extensive instruction manual.

Our additional offering is the equally rare CMA Models 1:12 scale Ferrari 375MM engine kit, which is long out of production. This kit evolved from the 1:12 scale scratchbuilt model of the Ferrari 375MM Rossellini, which Marshall Buck of CMA Models built for the real car's owner. The engine for the Rossellini was so beautiful, and so hyper-detailed, that a very limited number of kits, and an even smaller number of factory built examples were created. To illustrate the engine's desirability, one factory-built piece sold at a 2006 RM Auction for $2875.00! 

Again, this model kit is not suited to a beginner, as it contains over 500 individual parts, most on a microscopic scale. When the kit is properly built however, the lucky owner will have an heirloom-quality model of a legendary Ferrari engine.

Both kits are being sold as a pair, for a price that bears noting: the purchaser is essentially buying the Bugatti kit, and receiving the CMA kit free! It is a spectacular deal for the knowledgeable builder. Don't let this opportunity escape!

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