Mercedes-AMG CLK/GTR 1997 Autoart 1:12 Scale NEW LOW PRICE


Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Please note: All of the available CLK/GTR models in the 'D2' livery have now been sold. We do however have a few remaining 'Original Teile' versions. We've dropped the price considerably for the CLK/GTR, and also have added the 'Original Teile" livery to the offering. The car is identical to the 'D2' version in every way apart from the paintwork. Both incredible models, and an incredible value at the new price. When purchasing, please notify us by email as to your preference of livery.

Arguably, the most beautiful sports racing car in history, the Mercedes-AMG CLK/GTR began life as a humble family road machine. Aside from adopting head and tail light designs from its parent, the CLK/GTR's resemblance departed rather quickly from the original. Before the prototype was completed, Mercedes engineered the secret purchase of a McLaren F1 GTR, the previous year's defending champion, and mounted the CLK/GTR body work to it, facilitating aerodynamic development. Evidently, the subterfuge, research, and financial investment paid off, as the CLK/GTR won the FIA GT Championship right out of the box, convincingly beating its rivals from BMW, McLaren, Porsche, Lotus, and Panoz.

Our 1:12 scale CLK/GTR from Autoart is a wonderful interpretation of this legendary racecar, featuring removable body panels and opening doors. Just behind the fully-detailed cockpit lurks the mighty 630 horsepower Mercedes M120 V12 engine, which propelled this sports racer to its moment in the sun. The engine bay is marvelous, with tiny suspension components carefully replicated, horizontal pushrod coilover shocks, that actually work, and brake cooling ducting that flexes, just like the original. Up front, the suspension is equally well constructed, with wishbone and shock mounts of particular note. Even the carbon fiber pattern of the front lip spoiler is beautifully done.

Being 1:12 scale, the CLK/GTR is large enough for Autoart to have incorporated a wealth of minute detail, impossible in smaller scale pieces. At 16 inches in length, this Mercedes-AMG will be an undeniable presence in the model showcase or bookshelf. Incredibly well priced for such a remarkable model. New in factory packaging.


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