Mercedes Benz 300SL Roadster 1957 by Franklin Mint 1:12 Scale


Sorry, this item is no longer available.

From time to time an interesting item crosses our desk that defies categorization, blurring the lines that define one form from another. We have just such a piece in this 1:12 scale pewter representation of the magnificent, highly desirable 1957 Mercedes 300SL Roadster.

The piece has its feet squarely in two worlds; scale models and sculpture. Collectors would rightly expect a 1:12 scale model to be loaded with fine detail and exquisite paint work. This piece however, is constructed of solid pewter with many details such as dashboard gauges and switch gear molded in. Being pewter, it is incredibly heavy, tipping the scales at around seventeen pounds! It is by far the weightiest 1:12 scale piece we've ever handled. Very few components are not metal, such as the real leather seat upholstery, plastic windscreen, and rubber tires.

The body panel seam lines are very crisp and to scale, while chromed bits such as the door handles, windshield frame and front quarter panel grill strakes provide a nice contrast to the more subdued body finish. The Mercedes features spring loaded opening doors, and a full engine bay, although again, the 3 litre 6 cylinder power plant is not hyper-detailed. The forward-opening hood is fitted with a hold open lever, which for reasons unknown on this piece does not latch. We feel that the Mercedes is displayed to its best advantage with the hood closed, so the point is rather moot.

This is a piece that is best shown on a shelf or desk top by itself, not necessarily in the company of other models. Because the Mercedes straddles the line between model and sculpture, it should be viewed without competition. Placement on a glass surface of any sort would be very ill advised due to its heft.

The 300SL is supplied with a purpose-built black wooden plinth incorporating an information plaque.(The original owners engraved name plate can be removed) A luxurious blue velvet-lined inner box is included, as well as outer shipping box, certificate of authenticity, owners manual, hood opening tool and protective gloves.

Our example is #522 in a worldwide edition of 1000, now long sold out. Please contact us before purchasing to determine appropriate shipping costs. This is a marvelous addition to your sports car or Mercedes collection!

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