Ferrari 312 T4, Jody Scheckter, Monaco 1979, by Jim Bisignano


The 1979 Monaco Grand Prix was held on May 27 of that year. The 76 lap race was widely regarded as the most prestigious Grand Prix event in the world.

Jody Scheckter, Ferrari driver and Gilles Villeneuve's teammate, achieved pole position with a lap time of 1:26.45. In 2023, Max Verstappen qualified his Red Bull Racing Honda RBPT at 1:11.365, illustrating the advancement in technology that 44 years can make.

The attrition rate of the 1979 Monaco Grand Prix was staggering, with only six of the original twenty entrants still operational by the time the checkered flag fell. That year would prove memorable for Ferrari, as Scheckter won the World Championship, followed by Villeneuve, allowing the Prancing Horse team to claim the Constructor's Championship as well.

Here, Jim Bisignano depicts Scheckter rocketing past the Hotel de Paris, heading downhill to the Mirabeau Corner. The hotel's Rococo architecture is skillfully rendered and the Ferrari looks ready to leap from the frame. This beautiful watercolor would be a perfect memento for an enthusiast lucky enough to have attended the Grand Prix of Monaco in person.

The painting is framed in a lovely silver-leaf, with a white fabric overmatte, and archival museum board protecting the artwork. The painting measures 23 x 17 inches, while the frame measures 34 x 29 inches.


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