'The Immortal 2.9' Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 History

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In the years between both World Wars, two great automobile marques embodied the essence of performance and luxury; Bugatti and Alfa Romeo. Each firm employed advanced engineering, factory racing teams and famous drivers to advance their products, eventually achieving legendary status.

Automobile enthusiasts have long regarded the Alfa 8C 2900 A's and B's to be the pinnacle of pre-WWII sports car development. These magnificent and rare (with fewer than 40 built) machines utilized beautiful straight-eight, twin supercharged, 10 main bearing engines to propel them to then-frightening speeds of over 130 mph.

Simon Moore, a British engineer and classic car authority, chose to carefully document the complete history of each known 8C 2900 to date, publishing the results in 1986 as 'The Immortal 2.9'. The book quickly sold out, and became the ultimate resource for information regarding each car. The book is lavishly illustrated with black and white period images as well as more recent color photographs, chassis and engine diagrams, and racing histories.

'The Immortal 2.9' is exceedingly rare today on the secondary market, and our specific copy is the rarest of the rare. It is still sealed in its cellophane wrapper, and has never been opened! This may be the last remaining unopened copy of this book in existence today.

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