Halibrand Wheel Business Card Holder From CMA

$72.00 $120.00

Halibrand wheels have graced some of the world's most exotic sports and racing automobiles following World War II. Ted Halibrand, having worked in the aviation industry, incorporated the use of aircraft magnesium alloy in the construction of his racing wheels, creating a stronger and lighter component than the double laced wire wheels of the period. His invention became the generic 'Mag' wheel referred to today.

Our CMA business card holder is a marvelous recreation of a classic Halibrand wheel, complete with polished three-eared center knockoff, and patterned tire tread. It is mounted on a beveled dark mahogany base, and cards may be displayed both horizontally or vertically. With one easy step, turn your desk into a smoking vintage racer! 

Made in the U.S.

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