Alfa Romeo 1900 C Ghia Supergioello 1:43 Scale By Ra Mei


In the early 1950's, Alfa Romeo marketed its new 1900 line as 'The family sedan that wins races', doubtless referring to their past successes in the Mille Miglia, Targa Florio, etc. 

These were the days when unibody construction was making its debut, so the 1900, still relying on an independent chassis, became an ideal platform for coachbuilders to adorn with their handiwork.

One of the most unusual (and rare) of these coachbuilding efforts was initiated by Carrozzeria Ghia of Turin, who created a two door sport coupe in an edition of 18 examples; three of which exist today. The result was a striking design which incorporated many of the stock 1900 styling cues, yet adding distinctive features like a unique grille and headlight treatment. The cars actually performed well in rallye events, and the handful that remain today fetch prices in the high six figures.

The German model builder Ralf Meiser (RAlf MEIser) has produced a lovely version of the Supergioello or 'Super Jewel' in 1:43 scale and has limited the total number produced to 66 examples worldwide. 

The lines of the car are well represented in ivory-white paint work, perfectly offset by a medium blue interior. The fit and finish are superb, with crisp photo etch and sharp panel lines throughout. Applied Ghia badges grace the front quarter panels, and the wire wheels are exquisite, featuring two-eared knockoffs.

The Supergioello is presented on a light grey plinth that carries a lovely stamped brass Alfa 'build plate' with the edition number, 19/66. Ralf Meiser has also signed the plinth in red ink. The model is supplied with a custom-fitted plexi dust cover and original factory styrofoam packaging. This is a very rare and desirable piece for the Alfa Romeo collector, or for the enthusiast of fine, limited edition handbuilt models.


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