Porsche 550 Spyder 1954 CMC 1:24 Scale

$200.00 $375.00

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

There are occasions when a little jewel of an automobile model becomes available to us at Aeromobilia, and this CMC 1954 Porsche 550 Spyder is just such a gem. Around 20 years ago, CMC of Germany was still in its relative infancy, yet was producing outstanding models in 1:24 scale which are very collectible today.

This little 550 is great, with opening body panels and doors, a fully detailed engine, front mounted gas tank and battery, steerable front wheels, and real leather seats and hood straps. The straps are incredibly detailed, and work just like the real ones, with buckles and pins. If you wish to display the model open however, be prepared for what refastening the straps entails. You need the dexterity of a neurosurgeon, the patience of a saint, and the blessings of Lady Luck to make it all happen.

The fit and finish are superb, and the seam lines on the opening doors are astonishingly tight. The rear mounted spare tire, held in place by real leather straps and buckles is visible through the ultra-fine photo etch engine bonnet grilles. The interior is correctly Spartan, featuring gray pile carpeting, a three spoke wheel, floor mounted pedals, and the ubiquitous passenger's grab handle.

All-in-all, this early, highly desirable CMC model is a real find, and is in new, undisplayed condition. The original factory box in unavailable, which is reflected in the very modest pricing.

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